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JW Marriott Grand Hotel

Scrisoare de recomandare

I express my appreciation for the cooperation of our company SCH GRAND LLC, with the company SC General Art Pro Clean SRL. We chose to work with SC General Art Pro Clean SRL as a provider of cleaning services due to the outstanding quality of the service they provide promptly.

Seriousness of the employees and the professionalism that they show, are also elements that made the relationship with SC General Art Pro Clean SRL to be a natural, fruitful relationship, with rewards for both companies.

In conclusion, I recommend the SC General Art Pro Clean SRL as a professional and reliable employee for any company, we appreciate its quality services and flexible solutions offered which differentiate in a favorable way to its competitors.

Max Bet SRL Romania

Scrisoare de recomandare

Prin prezenta scisoare de recomandare Compania Max Bet Romania doreste sa remarce eficacitatea conlucrarii cu compania de servicii profesionale de curatenie SC General Art Pro Clean SRL.

Compania a fost selectata datorita disponibilitatii si retelei dezvoltate la nivel national in Romania, flexibilitatii, calitatii serviciilor prestate, calificarii si competentei personalului companiei.

SC General Art Pro Clean SRL a dat dovada de o abordare individuala fata de fiecare client, a rezolvat operativ si efficient problemele legate de domeniul curateniei, a demonstrate professionalism si orientarea spre rezultat.

Compania Max Bet Romania recomanda compania SC General Art Pro Clean SRL ca fiind un partener sigur si efficient in domeniul curateniei profesionale.